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Umrah Visa and Tourist eVisa, what’s the difference?

The tourist eVisa: 

is available to citizens of the EU, UK, North America, and several other countries. Saudi Arabia continues to add more eligible countries to the list.For more detailed information about the eVisa from Saudi Arabia, you can check out this link find it here Saudi eVisa. I focus mainly on the tourist visa option, as our readers predominantly come from Western countries or places where the tourist visa is accessible.

The eVisa introduced by Saudi Arabia in 2019, aims to attract more visitors to the country. Applying for a tourist visa is a swift online process, usually providing results within less than an hour. The best part is that you can perform Umrah on a tourist visa without the need for agents or Umrah packages. During the eVisa application process on the official website, you will need to indicate the purpose of your trip, which is Umrah.

Umrah visas:

are specifically issued to countries where individuals cannot apply for tourist visas directly. To obtain an Umrah visa, one typically needs to go through an authorised agent in their respective country. For example, citizens of Pakistan or Bangladesh would follow this process.

Let’s make Umrah a more accessible and enlightening experience for all!

Umrah visas are issued to those countries that cannot apply for tourist visas. They also require Umrah packages through an agent, and the Umrah visa is applied through agents in their respective countries. For example, Pakistan or Bangladesh. 

A tourist visa, as the name suggests, is the new visa that Saudi started in 2019 to entice more tourists to visit the country. You can apply online quickly and usually get the result in less than one hour, and you can also perform Umrah on a tourist visa. You don’t need agents or Umrah packages; they are perfect for DIY Umrah. However during the application process via the official website E-visa you should indicate the purpose of your trip which is Umrah. 

The tourist visa is available to all EU UK and North American citizens,  several other countries are been added.

You can find here more info about the eVisa from Saudi

I will be writing mostly about the tourist eVisa option since our readers are from Western countries or those with the tourist visa available. 

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