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Welcome to our platform, where we have been blessed to assist  Muslims worldwide in understanding how to organise their own DIY Umrah, manage their Umrah or tourist visas, and plan budget-friendly trips that do not strain their finances.

I am truly grateful to each and every one of you who has taken the time to read our posts, as it has been a dream come true to have your support, May Allah bless you all.

In the world of Umrah, there exists a cloud of confusion surrounding the idea of undertaking this sacred pilgrimage independently. As we delve deeper, we uncover the reasons behind the hesitancy of Umrah agents to openly share information about DIY Umrah – the path less traveled. While not everyone may feel inclined to plan their own spiritual voyage, the valuable services of agents remain indispensable in certain circumstances. However, a transformative turning point emerged in 2019, as Saudi Arabia opened its borders to tourists, ushering in a new era of possibility for Umrah seekers. Armed with the freedom to obtain their OWN Saudi tourist visa online, pilgrims can now explore the captivating landscapes of Saudi Arabia and set forth on a personal and profound Umrah journey. This monumental step is intricately woven into Saudi Arabia’s grand vision for 2030, which aims to welcome 30 million pilgrims and foster a thriving tourism industry.

Embracing a Game-Changing Shift:

Before 2019, the gates of Saudi Arabia were largely accessible to tourists solely through Umrah visas issued by agents, confining travel to the holy cities of Makkah, Medinah, and Jeddah. However, the winds of change brought forth an empowering shift, enabling pilgrims to chart their own spiritual course with unprecedented freedom. This newfound liberation not only grants access to the revered pilgrimage sites but also paves the way for exploring the mesmerizing beauty and cultural treasures that Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Navigating the Path with Confidence:

With such a momentous transformation at hand, it becomes essential to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to venture on this spiritual odyssey with confidence. Our Ultimate Umrah guide has been thoughtfully crafted to illuminate every aspect of the Umrah procedure, ensuring that you embark on your journey well-prepared and guided. Embracing the spirit of independence, you can now seamlessly plan and secure your Umrah visa, handpick your preferred Umrah hotels, and curate a personalized Umrah package tailored precisely to your preferences.

A Journey of Self-Discovery:

Embracing the philosophy of DIY Umrah empowers you to embark on a soul-enriching journey of spirituality and self-discovery, unshackled from the constraints of conventional norms. As you traverse the sacred landscapes of Saudi Arabia, you will forge a profound connection with your faith, finding solace and serenity amidst the sacred sights.


With the myths surrounding DIY Umrah unraveled, a new horizon of possibility opens before you. Embrace the winds of change, take hold of your destiny, and embark on a transformative pilgrimage that shall forever enrich your heart and soul. As the sands of Saudi Arabia beckon, know that you hold the key to unlocking a deeply personal and spiritually rewarding Umrah journey. The time has come to embrace your own path, and through the freedom of DIY Umrah, may you find tranquility, purpose, and an eternal connection to the divine.

One thing for sure when you do it yourself you will save on your Umrah Journey”

My journey began way back, to be exact 25 years ago when i went for my first Umrah.  I was around 17 when i performed the Umrah, at that time booking umrah was just via Travel Agencies, Fixed packages with some flexibility with flights, still a very niche market and it stayed like that for decades. I was blessed to perform Umrah 4 times so far, my recent visit was in Feb 2023. Yearly i have been seeing family members going for Hajj and Umrah and hearing stories about how Tour operators/ Group Leaders taking advantage of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters.  It made me sad and said to myself one day i will try to change this. 

This website was inspired by my first Umrah travel Experience and the desire to make a change in the umrah spaces and create a platform where the Ummah can save on their Umrah. In 2009 i registered the domain and told myself one day i will make the start when the time is right.  

In August 2022 i had the urge for going to Umrah it has been a while ago and my mind and heart was saying its time to go again.  I started opening google and typed Umrah Saudi Arabia and the first article what i read was “Saudi government changed  the visa process for EU, UK, and US, which was a major change in the Umrah Industry. The first thing what came across my mind was ok now i can book my Umrah myself as a dutch citizen. No need to visit the Travel Agency. i approached my uncle and told him about the feeling i had,  he said lets go,  My Sister, brother and my  Mom  spoke about the same the night before. You can called it coincidence however i believe the message came straight from Allah Azzawajal. The decision was made we are going and agreed to go for 12 days and will share with you how we went for Umrah Direct flight with Saudi Airlines, including flight to Madinah and 5* hotels in both Holy cities.  

 My DIY Umrah in 2023 resulted in savings of over €1600,-. We had a Family group of 20 People who joined and total we saved  over €15.000,-  by just doing it yourself. Depending on your personal budget and your preference you have your saving in your own hands. There are other blogs and website sharing also tips and tricks which can be very valuable.

What Can you learn about DIY Umrah ?

    • How to request your eVisas
    • How to plan your own DIY Umrah and save some serious money
    • The best up-to-date Umrah transportation options all in one place
    • Helpful tips while you are in Makkah and Madinah
    • The best, most cost-effective ways to find flights and accommodation in Makkah
    • Verified Reviews of hotel chains in Makkah and Madinah

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